Speedx Free 2.5.18

One of the coolest Android games around


  • Really addicitive
  • Challenging
  • Various levels
  • Complex gameplay
  • Good music
  • Supports OpenFeint


  • None so far


Speedx 3D is a fiendishly difficult game for Android that’s so addictive, it will have you coming back time and time again.

Speedx 3D is a tunnel racing game that uses your phone’s accelerometer. Speed through the tunnel, tilting and moving your phone to avoid the colored blocks that appear in your way, as well as the possibility of falling over the edge. There are various bonuses and shields that will help you as you play, but be warned - a mistake means instant death!

This is a really challenging game that relies on lightning-fast reflexes – even on the easiest level (there are 5), Speedx 3D is difficult, but addictive. The music is cool, the graphics sharp, and the game even supports 3D glasses! Speedx 3D also supports OpenFeint, so you can access high scores and leader boards. The latest version also adds the ability to purchase game upgrades.

Speedx 3D’s configuration settings mainly relate to the set up of the controls, and music and sounds. There’s a brief getting started guide, but we didn’t really find it too helpful – for example, it doesn’t provide any information on control setup. Even so, you’ll probably manage to figure it out yourself, and you’ll definitely get the opportunity, since Speedx 3D will keep you coming back over and over again!

Speedx 3D is a great game and is well worth a download.



Speedx Free 2.5.18

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